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The Yearbook Committee designs, produces & distributes the annual school yearbook. It includes panel pages of students, teachers and staff and pictures of the Fun Run, Halloween parade, after school programs, field trips, class art projects, performances and other fun experiences throughout the school year


  • Create a theme and design layout of the yearbook - Photoshop, Illustrator, Lumapix
  • Take & gather photo's of school events, activities and after school programs
  • Edit photo's - Photoshop
  • Populate panel pages with photographs of all kids currently at Miraloma - Lumapix
  • Get pictures of students & staff who missed picture day
  • Coordinate with the yearbook volunteer parents to get a yearbook page for each class
  • Take yearbook orders and distribute in the last week of school - Excel, Paypal,

If you can help with ideas, proof pages, selling and distribution, or if you want to create your Classroom Yearbook Page, please email us at

Classroom Yearbook Page Volunteers

Each classroom creates a page opposite the class' panel page. This page can include classroom projects, activities, field trips, artworks, and celebrations. (no need to repeat pictures of the kids, as their portraits are on the opposite panel page already)

There are 2 ways to submit this page:

    • File format: JPG  (**** NO PDF! ****)
    • Resolution: 300 dpi preferred (200 dpi minimum)
    • Canvas Size: 8.5 x 11 inch.
      IMPORTANT: You need to design your background all the way to the edge of the 8.5 x 11 canvas. It is critical that you leave HALF AN INCH OFF THE EDGE OF THE CANVAS for any text, artwork and pictures in the foreground.
    • You can make a collage on a letter format paper (keep artwork & text a half inch from the edge of the paper). We will scan it for you.

DEADLINE is the Friday before Spring Break (MARCH 24, 2017)

Fifth Grade Dragon Drawings

The graduating students will get the opportunity to contribute to the yearbook by submitting their dragon drawing by March 20, 2015. The 5th grade teachers will send the form home with each 5th grade student (or you can download it here).



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