alison eastwood
Alison Eastwood

The Snack Committee provides fresh fruits and vegetables to each class room daily, so our kids have a healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch.


  • Ordering of produce from local farms.
  • Organizing the washing, cutting and distributing of the produce.

No need to join the committee, just come and help out whenever you have time:

  • All are welcome on Monday and Wednesday mornings after morning circle to help wash, cut, and count the delicious food we are serving.  Just walk up to our beautiful garden on Myra Way.  This is an excellent way to meet people and learn the in's and out's of the community.
  • We also need help every day after school collecting and washing bins. This is a golden opportunity to let your children wander through our lovely, organic garden munching on sorrel, while you wash bins in the beautiful sink installed by our very own principal.
  • Lastly, you can help by simply putting the bins outside your child's classroom.

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