With the Board of Education’s approval of middle school feeders, every K-5 school in the district is matched with a single middle school, known as their middle school feeder. James Denman Middle School is the feeder school for Miraloma ES, Sunnyside ES, Lakeshore ES, Longfellow ES, and Sheridan ES.

Between 2012 and 2017, the choice process for middle school will give younger siblings the highest preference, followed by a preference for students enrolled in an elementary school that feeds into the middle school (this tiebreaker is based on the school the student is enrolled in for 5th grade), and then a preference for students living in areas of the city with the lowest average test scores (known as CTIP1).

Beginning in 2017, students living in San Francisco who are graduating from 5th grade will receive an initial 6th grade offer, based on their elementary school enrollment, to their K-8 feeder school before the middle school choice process begins. [read more]

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