e andrea-simmons2 paul romo
  Ms. E
K 1
Mrs. Simmons
K 2
Ms. Paul
K 8
Ms. Romo
K-Second Grade SDC
  nopic f nopic f huang  

Ms. Shimoda
Room 105
First Grade

Ms. Ginter
Room 107
First Grade
Ms. Huang
Room 109
First Grade
  campbell tim-warner rosen  
  Mrs. Campbell
Room 108
Second Grade

Mr. Warner
Room 102
Second Grade

Ms. Rosen
Room 106
Second Grade
  jabbar kitsuda nopic f  
  Mrs. Jabbar
Room 101
Third Grade
Mrs. Kitsuda
Room 103
Third Grade
Ms. Conyers
Room 100
Third Grade
  nopic m threlfall chris-linder2  
  Mr. Chapman
Room 112
Third-Fifth Grade SDC
Mrs. Dotan
Room 12
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Linder
Room 14
Fourth Grade
  nopic m nelson harris  
  Mr. Schmitz
Room 10
Fourth/Fifth Grade
Ms. Nelson
Room 16
Fifth Grade
Ms. Harris
Room 18
Fifth Grade
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