In an effort to address all hazard incidents, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has developed short- and long-term parent-child reunification procedures. Short-term procedures outline the appropriate steps to be taken at individual school sites. When reunification procedures exceed the scope of school site operations, SFUSD will implement long-term procedures to consolidate resources and increase efficiency.

School Site Reunification: Short Term

Student Emergency/Medical Information Card
All students are required to have a Student Emergency/Medical Information Card on file at their school site. Student Emergency/Medical Information Cards must be updated every school year, and the school should be notified of any changes of information on the student emergency/medical information cards. Student Emergency/Medical Information Cards will be distributed to students on the first day of school and must be returned promptly. Student emergency cards require the following information:

  • Parent/guardian/caregiver current address and phone number
  • The student’s doctor/health care provider and insurance information
  • Any medication(s) or chronic illness(es) related to the student

Parent-Child Reunification

In the event that an emergency occurs on or near a school site, parents (or guardians) must report to the school site and adhere to the following procedures required for releasing a student. School sites must work in conjunction with the SFUSD Department Operations Center (DOC) throughout the parent-child reunification process.

The following procedures provide a general guideline for parent-child reunification throughout SFUSD. Each school site is responsible for adhering to the following three principals when implementing its reunification process: (1) a safe and secure check-in area for parents, (2) a separate area designated for the reunification of parents and children, and (3) a safe and secure exit for parents and children.


  • At the start of the school year, each school site should prepare an emergency bin containing copies of Student Emergency/Medical Information Cards, name tags for all students and staff, lists of all student and staff names, pre-printed signs with letters A–Z, sharpie markers, pens, and tape.
  • Emergency bins should be updated on a routine basis.


  • School staff should set up two tables inside the main gate of the school site. One table will be designated for students with last names beginning A–M. The second table will be designated for students with last names beginning N–Z. Each table will have two binders with all students’ names and Student Emergency/Medical Information Cards. Each table must be clearly and adequately marked with the appropriate letters.
  • Parents or guardians arriving to the school site must wait in the appropriate line and be able to identify their child by name for pick-up. A school staff member will be responsible for directing parents to the appropriate lines.
  • School staff members working at the tables will highlight students’ names in the appropriate binder and verify the parent or guardian name. Only contacts listed on the student emergency/medical information card may pick up a child. Parents/Guardians must have a valid ID and/or be recognized as Parents/Guardians of the student by a school staff member. Highlighting the students’ name will indicate a parent or guardian has arrived to pick up the student.
  • At the student assembly area, school staff will post signs with the letters A–Z. Signs should be pre-made and stored in the school site emergency bin. Students should line up behind the letter that represents the first letter of their last name.
  • All students must wear name tags indicating their last name, first name. (If possible, name tags with names already printed on them will be kept in the emergency bin and distributed to school staff responsible at each line, A–Z).
  • Once parents/guardians have arrived, a runner will notify the child and escort them to the reunification area.
  • After parents/guardians are reunited with their child, school staff will escort and/or direct the parent/guardian and child to the exit gate (the exit gate should not be the same as the main gate).
  • Two-to-four school staff members should be placed at the exit gate with copies of the Student Emergency/Medical Information Cards. All parents/guardians should be cross-referenced on the emergency/medical information card prior to exiting the gate.
  • Upon exiting the school sites, students must remove their name tags and give them to the school staff. School staff must use a sharpie marker to write one of the following codes on the students name tag:
    • M – if the mother picked up the student
    • F – if the father picked up the student
    • G – if the guardian picked up the student
    • GM – if the grandmother picked up the student
    • GF – if the grandfather picked up the student
    • O + NAME – if someone other than the above picked up the student
  • School staff should attach the student’s name tag to the Student Emergency/Medical Information Card and place them in a file for documentation, which is retained in a secure location.
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