Yes! My company will sponsor the Miraloma Fun Run!

Select your sponsorship level below and pay online by credit card/Paypal.

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Sponsorship Package Details

Website Banner x      
Weekly Newsletter x      
Fun Run T-Shirts x x    
Fun Run Web Pages x x x  
Outdoor Banner at School Events x x x x
Honorable Mention in Marketing Materials x x x x

Website Banner
Company banner prominently displayed throughout our website for a full year

Weekly Newsletter
Every week the newsletter is sent to over 450 members of our school community. Your logo will be included with a link to your website in every newsletter until winter break.

Fun Run T-Shirts
The Fun Run t-shirts are worn throughout the year by students, teachers, staff and parents. It is a keepsake achieving top exposure with built-in longevity of advertising throughout the city. Size and placement of logo depend on the sponsorship level.

Fun Run Web Pages
Your logo will be displayed and linked to your website on each of the Fun Run pages on our website. These are the most visited pages in the weeks prior to and following the event!

Outdoor Banner at School Events
All sponsors will have their logo on a large banner that is displayed throughout the school year during school events. Size and placement of logo depend on the sponsorship level.

Honorable Mention
Honorable mention of all sponsors in our Run marketing materials.

Run 2016 Sponsors


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