catherine homsey
Catherine Homsey
Auction Chair
Jean Kuwamoto
Procurement Lead
nopic f
Brooke Corley
Data Entry Lead
jaime dever
Jaime Dever
Event Lead


ottilie coolsyasmijn adhikari
Yasmijn Adhikari & Ottilie Cools
Operations Lead
 linda cheu
Linda Cheu
Sign-ups Lead

Classroom Projects Lead: Ryan Silvers & Danica Gittelman
Faculty Fun: Jen Wana
Wine Raffle Collection: Christine Tawadrous

Classroom Project Guidelines

Auction Classroom Project Guidelines
The classroom auction art project is a key component of our annual auction fundraiser. These projects are the very heart of the auction--a visual representation of why Miraloma is so beloved to us all. Past projects have ranged from a collection of simple line-art matted and framed, to more elaborate metalwork or paper-folding, sculptures, furniture, handprints, mosaics and portraits. We welcome different types of projects and materials, allowing that each child has a hand in its creation. At the auction, each class project is given a starting bid of $250 and the value is given as ‘priceless’. With one project per class, it opens up the field of bidding participants and helps to encourage enthusiastic and competitive bidding (which equals big money for our school!).


  1. Brainstorm a single art piece made by many hands.
  2. Discuss the proposed project with your classroom teacher.
  3. Request an allotment of time to meet in class.
  4. Gather materials and, if needed, find other parent volunteers to help during classroom time.
  5. TAKE PHOTOS of the process to send out to your classroom listserv. Consider this a step in good advertising--buildup to the day of the auction.
  6. Send rough dimensions and display instructions to us by the end of January.

Important Dates:

  • February 17 Finished Projects Due
  • March 4th Miraloma Auction

We are here to help!
We love these classroom projects and want to respect your time and energy as a volunteer. Please expect to hear from us periodically asking for updates on progress. Feel free to bounce ideas off of either Art Project leads. If you want to do the project but don’t know where to start, we are more than happy to help. We have documentation of many successful projects from years past. Should you run into any roadblocks, need help sourcing materials or simply need another pair of hands, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Most of all, thank you for your time and commitment to our school community!

Ryan Silvers &Danica Gittleman -






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wine raffle drawing

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