The Miraloma Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) embraces a whole-child approach to education by:

  • Supporting Miraloma's academic program and enrichment activities,
  • Encouraging meaningful family participation and awareness,
  • Strengthening our community of students, families, teachers, and staff.

PTA Board 2016-2017

sarah simms
Sarah Simms
christie lee duffy
Christie Lee Duffy
Ottilie Cools
nopic m
Kevin Rogers
Financial Secretary

Mercedes Coats
Mercedes Coats
VP Communications
Andrea Freeman
Andrea Freeman
VP Fundraising
Britta Narum
VP Membership
Kelley Karanjeff
Kelley Karandjeff
VP Programs
elizabeth brooks
Elizabeth Brooks

Linda Cheu
Linda Cheu
Historian & Parliamentarian

Jessica Goslin
Jessica Goslin
Volunteer Coordinator

Yukendra Harris
Teacher Rep
Trakasha Paul
Teacher Rep

PTA Positions

The President is the chief executive of the PTA.  He or she is responsible for coordinating the work of officers and committees of the association, presides at all meetings, and acts as the official representative of the association at council and district meetings.

The Secretary is primarily responsible for keeping accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association, conducts all necessary correspondence, and provides notices of executive board meetings.

The Treasurer is the chief financial officer, and is primarily responsible for financial matters for the PTA.  The treasurer keeps the financial books and is chair of the budget committee.  He or she prepares the budget for adoption by the association, and reports to the association on a regular basis.  The treasurer presents a treasurer’s report at every meeting of the association and the executive board.

The Auditor is primarily responsible for auditing the books and financial records of the association semiannually, preparing a midyear audit to be completed in January and a year-end audit in July, and present further written reports to the PTA’s executive board, and be is responsible for verifying all necessary report forms required by the California State PTA

The Historian is primarily responsible for assembling and preserving a record of the activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the association, and acts as custodian of records and other materials pertinent to the history of the association.

The Vice President of Programs plans community events and coordinates programs with Site Council and School Administration.

The Vice President of Fundraising develops the calendar of fundraising events and programs and oversees their planning.

The Vice President of Membership establishes membership goals, designs outreach and promotion, keeps a list of current members.

The Volunteer Coordinator organizes the recruitment of volunteers from the school and wider community.


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