• Newsletter (Dragon Digest)
    The weekly newsletter is sent by email to all parents/guardians on Wednesday afternoon. It includes upcoming events/meetings, SFUSD announcements/articles, volunteer opportunities, legislative action updates, and other school information.
    Newsletter submissions should be emailed to by Monday 6pm.
  • Morning Circle
    Every morning at 7:50am, our principal, welcomes all students and their families at the upper yard for morning circle. Upcoming events, reminders and other school news is announced at this time.
  • Direct Mailings
    The newsletter database is also used for official school announcements from our Principal (e.g. class assignments, test information), so please make sure we have your correct email address on file. Send inquiries to (include your name, student name and grade).
  • Google Calendar
    Linked from the newsletter and website, this calendar shows all the School's Events & Activities.
  • Hallway Bulletin Boards
    These boards allow classes to share what they’re working on, while other boards are dedicated to certain topics or committee activities.
  • Website
    You can find all school information here, including the latest volunteer opportunities, PTA committees, SSC & PTA meeting minutes, budgets plus links to SFUSD sites, lunch, and more.
  • Wednesday Envelope
    In a effort to reduce the use of paper, most of the school's communication is online. Some forms may still be sent home with your child in the Wednesday envelope.


Additional school communication happens through various Yahoo! Groups (ListServs), school-wide, grade-wide and per class/committee.


Welcome New Families!
Please visit the

for information on registration, school communications, upcoming events, after school options and more.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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